Cruise & Portia Pups – DOB 8/31/14

Cruise x Portia Pups

Pedigree of Pups

Meet the parents and see our pics as we grow


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Ch. Patriot’s Life In The Fast Lane










GCH Marinella’s Black Magic Woman


We are so excited about this mating. It has been 3 years since our last litter here at Marinella. When we were trying to find the perfect mate for our first home bred champion bitch, we looked high and low. There were lots of stud dogs that would have worked but this boy had that WOW factor both genotype and phenotype to pair up with our Portia. The pedigree of these two together is absolutely amazing. Cruise just had his first litter with a bitch that is also owned by his owner Ilona Griffieon-van Beek of Casa Hoya Portuguese Water Dogs. I was thrilled to see that Cruise has produced himself.

If you are interested in a puppy out of this litter please fill out the puppy questionnaire and email it back to us. This is your first step in getting put on the puppy waiting list. I know that every puppy buyer has their preference as to type of coat, color and sex of the puppy – and we will do our best to match you up with your preferences, but it is more important to get you the pup that has the right temperament and personality that will fit best with your family.

We are here…. Born August 31 2014

Cruise x Portia babies day 1 collage

Cruise x Portia pups snuggling 2

Pink girl (Cruise x Portia) day 2 close up of face

Pink Girl

We are now 4 weeks old

Gold boy (Cruise x Portia) 4 wks

Gold Boy – 4 weeks

Lilac Girl -  4 weeks

Lilac Girl – 4 weeks

Pink Girl - 4 weeks

Pink Girl – 4 weeks




Pink Girl all snuggled up with her toys

Pink girl (Cruise x Portia) close up 4 wks


Pink girl snuggled up with toys - 4 wks (Cruisee x Portia)


Lilac Girl playing with mama Portia

Portia and Lilac girl 2 - 4 wksPortia and Lilac girl - 4 wks

First time in the play area – 4 weeks

Lilac tugging on toy (Cruise x Portia) 4 wksGold boy belly slide (Cruise x Portia) 4 wksGold boy king of the slide (Cruise x Portia) 4 wksGold boy - sleepy time (Cruise x Portia) 4 wks

We are 5 weeks and full of energy!

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Bath Time – 6 weeks

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Our first lion trim – 7 weeks

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7.5 weeks and showing off our beautiful faces and gorgeous structure

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8 weeks old and loving to play outside

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